Understanding Facebook EdgeRank

Facebook EdgeRank 

The dynamic development of Facebook became one of the most important channels of marketing communication, but how to adapt your business to the constant changes?

Beautiful times when each post published before fanpage getting to all the fans are long gone…Today we will explain for some of you what is EDGERANK and how it works.

Facebook EdgeRank

EdgeRank is the algorithm that specifies the display of posts in the News users. The algorithm evaluates whether the entry is attractive for the fans, and if so, to what group. Entries that break through among other must therefore be attractive to the user – to intrigue him, engage and encourage interaction. EdgeRank Checker is a fairly young project social media expert, Chad Wittman, who believes that he can evaluate the entries on the Facebook EdgeRank, as some believe that they can evaluate PageRank in Google.

Edge Rank is composed of three elements:


Is a one-way relationship between a User and an Edge. It could be understood as how close of a “relationship” a Brand and a Fan may have.


Is a value system created by Facebook to increase/decrease the value of certain actions within Facebook. Photos and videos take top priority. Links are second, and plain text status updates are at the bottom end.

Time Decay

Simply means how old is your post? Refers to how long the Edge has been alive; the older it is the less valuable it is.

EdgeRank – friend or enemy for your business?

EdgeRank appear to be ruthless. EdgeRank forces also to prepare and publish more and more interesting and more engaging entries. Good post is one that will raise a lot of excitement among users that provoke them to be active – for discussion in the comments or facilities.

Facebook selects the content; you may be more interested and ignores the ones that are not important to you. Its accuracy is based on the story of the decisions that you make as you “like” different things, engaging and sharing it with your friends.

Publishing posts about a wide range (with high EdgeRank) is not easy. If you run a company, the first very important step is to get “likes”. This is the first point of contact with potential customers, however, insufficient in the context of the algorithm. We need to remember that every post has to be carefully planned. It’s not the quantity, and quality of posts is an indicator of the activity of the fans. It is also very important to publish photos with pictures / graphics. To Your Company had the chance to further develop and build a positive image on Facebook, people who liked your page, need to engage in a conversation on your fanpage. They need to comment, share your entries with friends. High quality images with engaging text, video materials, links to articles and products. All this will help you to increase involvement and improve the image of the company.

facebook edgerank infographic

What Is Facebook EdgeRank and Why Does It Matter?   this is very helpful link from Mashable explaining the role of EdgeRank.

Like AdWords Quality Score so EdgeRank on Facebook is a key indicator of conditioning the success of our promotional activities. We should pay so much attention to optimizing facilities for EdgeRank.


Get involved, respond to comments, welcome new people on the fan page, ask questions, add images- all this increases the level of engagement on your fanpage and EdgeRank likes this.



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